After two years in the making and hundreds of hours of perfecting, Rusty Hook has released his debut solo EP, Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance on Moving Castle. The French producer draws inspiration from a handful of styles that have inspired him throughout his life to produce the nostalgic pieces on the five-track EP. The EP was written, recorded, and produced from the ground up and is the first project to include Rusty’s very own voice recordings and guitar samples.

On Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance, Rusty Hook takes us on a lifelong journey through adolescence to adulthood, exposing each and every one of his emotions along the way. Each track showcases and symbolizes a new period of Hook’s growth by incorporating a different style and genre, such as pop, R&B, electronic, soul, and bass. Alongside Hook’s vivacious productions are vocals from just as talented artists like Truitt, Ria, and Cal.

“All in all, I wanted to create music that leaves a strong emotional imprint and really makes you feel things. The five tracks are references to particular periods of my life. It’s one of the most intimate projects I’ve ever made and I love that it’s a representation of my evolution in for the last two years.” – Rusty Hook

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