AWAY has drifted away from the underground and is swiftly making his way to the charts while pushing boundaries that defy the laws of audio and injecting authentic, raw emotion into his pieces. “Honest to Gød” is out now on Lowly Palace and features breathtaking vocals from Charity.

“Honest to Gød” features cunning vocalist Charity. The track continues to evolve throughout and features an uneasy bass line, paired with Charity’s bone-chilling vocals. Simplistic percussion, wavy synths, and an unearthing atmosphere furthers AWAY’s goals towards emotion, uneasiness, lies, and authenticity.

“The lyrics are so very raw and I wanted them to lay in a bed of harmonies amidst AWAY’s enthralling yet cold track. I imagined a steel, abandoned factory where dripping pipes run on the ceilings and no breathing being is found for miles.” -Charity

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