One festival is changing the game in innovation and production. The Sónar Festival in Barcelona is about to do something like you’ve never seen before. For their 25th anniversary next year, they are planning to send music to space! Yes, you heard that right. Their target? A planet 12.4 light years away called GJ237b.

It is believed that this planet could possibly be hospitable and could one day produce life. While being an incredible idea, the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) has decided to lend a helping hand and partner with the festival and will transmit the music with their antennae facilities in Norway.

So far, 33 artists have been picked to contribute to the transmissions. They are also looking for three user-submitted pieces to be included for the transmission in April.

The festival takes place June 14th-June 16th. Check out the video below for more information!