If you’ve mastered the art of mixing vinyl in reality, then look towards the world of virtual reality for your next challenge.

Last year, Boiler Room announced that a live VR venue was in the works, and now the worlds of DJing and virtual reality come together once again. Thanks to German company EntroPi Games, a brand new application called Vinyl Reality that enables realistic vinyl mixing in the VR digital realm with a VR headset and two VR controllers, has taken form.

Vinyl Reality will also users to manipulate two turntables and a two-channel mixer with EQsm PLF and gains, and there’s even a virtual record box you can look through to make track selections. What else? You can live stream performances and even record/export your mixes. Who needs real life when VR is so intuitive?

Vinyl Reality is available now for early access at the reduced price of £9.68 ($12.89) via Steam.