Gammer has had quite an impressive and successful 2017 by releasing tracks with Darren Styles, AU8UST, and Whizzkid. Now, after having tracks from The Drop EP being played in a multitude of mixes, Gammer has unveiled the highly anticipated EP on the iconic Monstercat.

The EP features four hard-hitting tracks: “Let’s Get Crunk,” “Stay Tonight” (ft. Dylan Matthew), “Beam of Light,” and “THE DROP.” Each track features Gammer’s extremely unique, standout style and versatility within the dubstep and happy hardcore genres. “Let’s Get Crunk” opens the EP with a minimalistic dubstep track with smooth, wavy synths that then mutate into a hardcore drop the second time around. “Stay Tonight” (ft. Dylan Matthew) continues with a cutting-edge energy that Gammer does far too well by implementing familiar sounds with a slamming kick and deep vocals. The drop hints at big room, but the screaming synth diversifies and allows for the track to really stand apart from the others. “Beam of Light” takes a much more melodic twist on the EP, allowing Gammer’s hardstyle roots to really shine. Then there’s “THE DROP,” the EP’s title track. The track was featured in Kayzo‘s Diplo and Friends mix roughly eight months ago. Its intensity is on an entire new level, and you must prepare yourself for, well, the drop.

Give THE DROP a listen and prepare yourself for unrelenting energy, club nostalgia, and “bangers” during the EP’s entirety.

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