Maarten Hoogstraten, also known as Bingo Players, wasn’t like other kids his age. He swapped playing with toys for playing with vinyl and CDs, dedicating all his time and money on music. It was only a matter of time before Maarten and Paul Baumer’s tracks started to resonate with EDM crowds in America and abroad. Their songs featured buzzing and bouncing synthesizers, crunchy guitar-like riffs, and powerful, driving beats.

Now, Bingo Players have revealed A Decade of Bingo Players, a documentary which takes fans through the history of the project from its inception. The documentary, which is narrated by Maarten Hoogstraten, details the story of the influential act, highlighting how Maarten and his late partner Paul Baumer met, their first breakthrough track “Touch Me” with Chocolate Puma and subsequent hits such as the UK No. 1 charting single “Rattle.” It also touches base on “Cry,” which gained Top 40 radio support around the world and other club records such as“Out of My Mind,” “Don’t Blame The Party,” and “When I Dip,” which helped shape the sound of early 2000s dance music.

Regarded as early tastemakers and master producers and DJs in the electronic scene, the trajectory of Bingo Players’ success is captivating. A Decade Of Bingo Players is directed by the esteemed Shomi Patwary, known for his work for Major Lazer, Beyonce, Future, Kylie Jenner and more, and truly gives fans a peek into the work that went into their project and just how special Bingo Players is to dance music.

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