What So Not has just delivered a treat to his fans who are anxiously awaiting the drop of his debut album. “Be Ok Again,” featuring Silverchair vocalist Daniel Johns, is yet another emotional future bass jam that will blow you away. What stands out about the track isn’t any instrument or element in particular, but the how the whole thing comes together as a whole piece of art. That being said, the suspended drop with the lush, stabbing chords right before the percussion kicks in will leave your jaw hanging.

With each track that What So Not puts out, he further cements his own legacy as a solo artist, negating any doubts fans had that he wouldn’t be able to take the reigns when Flume left the duo back in 2015. Just yesterday What So Not posted to Facebook, sharing the touching story behind the track and how much this collaboration means to him.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 3.08.07 PM

Based on this tweet by Daniel Johns himself, it looks like there will be more to come from the two. Perhaps we will see What So Not continue to supply his own vocals in the future. Regardless, this track has us full on board the hype train towards the release of his debut album. Keep a look out and check out the full track right here.

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