LUZCID’s music meticulously eludes genres in order to welcome a variety of enthusiasts together and celebrate the rewards of community. With hopes that his music can become a gateway for people to connect, he’s proven he’s an act that must be experienced live. He uses Ableton Live to weld a sonic quilt of sensationally hefty hip-hop and psychedelic bass music.

The producer has collaborated with Bassnectar on “Science Fiction,” and played a key part in Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label, establishing him as an artist whose music is an odyssey. His unique perspective and sound draws attention to many music lovers and other music giants, such as Circus Records.

LUZCID recently made his debut on the label with the exquisite “Liquid Lightning,” which caught the attention of many artists within Circus Records, including Flux Pavilion. The track portrays a beautiful journey into the sublime, a sound which LUZCID categorizes as “space music.”  

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