On December 1st, veteran EDM producer MKJ from San Antonio, Texas premieres a much anticipated follow up to his 2016 track “Travel” called “What About Now.” The dance track is released through Tipsy Records and features beautiful pop vocals from the New York-based singer-songwriter Evangelia.

MKJ’s tunes have been featured across the YouTube community on music channels such as Chill Nation and The Vibe Guide. The self-taught DJ has been creating his own sounds and loops since the age of 15 and aims to bring a fresh perspective to the EDM scene.

When asked for comment Evangelia said, “I wrote it based on a mix of events in my life, as well as what I thought people could relate to and have fun singing along with while dancing with their friends.”

“What About Now” has a clean, pop-house sound with catchy hooks and uplifting synths that is sure to be a dance floor favorite. MKJ’s beats combined with Evangelia’s lyrics create a song that we can’t get out of our heads. Check it out on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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