REZZ has grown to be one of the most popular bass/techno DJs in the electronic music scene, and at just such a young age, she’s already accomplished a lot. The 22-year-old DJ started producing in 2013 and quickly boomed into one of the hottest female producers in the EDM scene.

After releasing her singles “Relax,” “Diluted Brains,” and “Premonition,” REZZ, who is also known as ‘Space Mom’ to her fans, recently dropped her debut album Mass Manipulation in August. The young producer isn’t slowing down as she teased a new track for her fans last night along with a remix to Porter Robinson’s recently released track “Virtual Self.”

On social media, REZZ’s followers listened to her upcoming project, which includes synthesized vocal layers and intense, punchy track breaks. Not only did she reveal that she will be releasing new music in December, but it looks like she’s working on a hot new remix of “Virtual Self.”

The Canadian producer also teased her A.I.ngel remix and previewed an upcoming track to be released December 12th called “Psycho.”

(Dancing Astronaut)