Mija’s latest single tugs at our heartstrings a little tougher than what we’re used to hearing from her. “Bad For U” is the producer’s majestic re-envisioning of indie singer-songwriter Kelli Schaefer’s emotive song of the same name. According to Mija’s Instagram, she “fell in love with [Schaefer’s] voice and especially felt a deep, personal connection” to the song. It’s the first single from her upcoming EP, Time Stops.

If “Bad For U” is any indication of the sonic dimension Mija will deliver to us with Time Stops, we’re all ears. Soft and spacey, the track introduces itself with filtered, distorted drums pacing distantly below Schaefer’s vocals. But Mija’s touch is unmistakable during the hook, with an uptempo beat that echoes her penchant for drum-and-bass.

Watch the video for “Bad For U” below.

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