The entertainment and fashion magazine GQ has just announced their top 10 best and worst dressed male celebrities this year. Some of the names in the top ten best dressed included A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles, and Ryan Reynolds, meanwhile producer and DJ Marshmello has just been named as one of GQ’s worst dressed men of 2017.

GQ may hate the #Mellogang vibes, but over here we love his signature all-white apparel and it’s definitely a unique look. Marshmello may use his all white facade to promote his image as a recording artist, and it seems to capture attention anywhere he goes, from the streets of Los Angeles to the Red Carpet. Marshmello has even debuted a new cooking series, where he prepares tasty meals like Indonesian fried rice and Thanksgiving pumpkin turkey truffles in his all white get-up, including helmet and all.

Marshmello’s signature style also spreads his name and music internationally, as fans all over the world can recognize him from a mile away and love to do meet and greets whenever he is traveling. Marshmello has a huge hype following him, for only being a top name in the industry since the beginning of 2016 with his hit single “Alone.” “Alone” has hit over 643 million plays on YouTube since it’s upload and we dub Marshmello as someone to watch, as he is constantly rising in the EDM industry and emerging as a brilliant new artist. Marshmello has also just dropped a new collaboration with pop star Selena Gomez titled “Wolves” that is worth checking out!