Help Musicians UK has launched a 24/7 helpline, along with several other services, as a result of an academic study.

The mental health service is targeted to musicians and other industry professionals, and offers a range of services, including a free helpline, general advice, counseling and therapy, signposting to other services, advice on debt, welfare and legal issues and access to health- and welfare-related grant funding.

The idea of Music Minds Matter was launched earlier this year following the suicide of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, and aims to support musicians and the like who are struggling with mental health through advice, listening, and medical and therapeutic support.

The comprehensive service also follows a report, titled Can Music Make You Sick?, which found that of over 2,200 UK musicians surveyed, 69% of respondents had experienced depression. Those surveyed attributed this to poor working conditions, lack of recognition, the unstable nature of a career in music and issues related to being a woman in the music industry.

“Help Musicians UK is uniquely positioned as a charity to coordinate, lead and support those working in music with mental health challenges. With 96 years of experience, we understand the complexity of being a musician and recognise the need for support that reflects the nature of the business, whilst providing a personalised service tailored to each person we help.” He added: “It is also important to underline that early intervention is key in this service. This is not just for individuals in crisis, it is so much more and provides comprehensive support on a range of issues.”  – Richard Robinson, Help Musicians UK CEO

You can contact Music Minds Matter via their helpline, 0808 802 8008, or by emailing

Official site: Music Minds Matter