Minnesota has taken to Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN imprint for a mind-bending new release.

Out now, “Dark Crystal” finds the California native blurring lines with tribal vocals, distorted 808s and metallic plucks for an original end result that’s a cultivation of everything the producer and WAKAAN stand for. The origins of dubstep and hip-hop remain clear, but the journey of “Dark Crystal” expands far beyond typical genre boundaries. Clear, snappy drums and stuttered riffs take listeners through an ear-popping journey of sound design genius, and provide a sound explanation for why the track was snapped up by the label as their very latest release.

Currently finishing up his sixth year of touring and with five EPs already under his belt, Minnesota is holding nothing back for “Dark Crystal.” He continues to give the bass music scene a run for its money with the brand new track, out now on WAKAAN. Buy/download here.

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