Up-and-comer LICK is undeniably an artist to watch in 2018. The mysterious Arizona native already has a distinct sound that finds itself deep within in the realms of mid-tempo, dark techno and house genres that artists like REZZ, Drezo and Gesaffelstein have been pioneering throughout the last couple of years.

LICK began releasing G-house bangers just about a year ago, but has been getting deeper and dark with each and every release. His recent Stranger Things remix made me fall in love with his heavy basslines and ominous atmospheres, before his latest release with Deadbeats, titled “PUSH,” turned me into a lifelong fan.

We caught up with LICK for an exclusive guest mix, and chatted about his musical background, how he linked up with Zeds Dead and more. Learn more about LICK below and make sure to check out his guest mix, featuring mainly original works and tons of IDS.

Thanks for chatting with us! Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in music production?

Thanks for having me! I grew up with a musical background and played piano since 5 years old. I’d say my whole life, I’ve been inspired by music, and one day, that lead me to composing. I started writing music with Reason and now currently working with Ableton 10. 

Where does the name LICK come from?

LICK can be interpreted in different ways 😛

You recently dropped a Stranger Things remix. Who is your favorite character?

Thats a hard choice. Its got to be 11 or Joyce because she’s a worldwide respected meme. So my final answer is Joyce. Also if you are reading this send me memes on twitter @its_lick or you will be put on a curse where you listen to my song on repeat for 24 hours.

Your original mix “PUSH” on the Deadbeats compilation, out 11/17, stood out because it seems like you’re finding a distinct style with all of your releases. Who are some artists that inspire you regularly?

YES! PUSH was a great way to introduce a slower paced, dark kinda vibe to everything I have been making this past year. I wanted to really dial in the DVO (Dark Vibes Only) brand and this was a great way to showcase it. The artists that inspire me are my peers. Shoutout to ZABO, FlipstiK, and KEETZ.

How did you get linked up with Zeds Dead and Deadbeats and what was your reaction when you found out you were going to be included on their second compilation?

My manager and Zeds Dead’s manager have a close relationship and we pitched them PUSH and they decided to sign the track. Zeds Dead and Deadbeats is a reputable label and Harrison welcomed me to the family and it felt like home for me. Its really surreal to be apart of a label that has so much talent. I remember writing down my goals last year, and I’m proud to finally check one of those off. When I got the news I kinda just sat there in awe and tried to process everything and then I celebrated with a box of doughnuts & Hennessy. 

It seems like you’ve been doing a bit of DJing lately as well. What are your sets usually like?

I got love my local scene here in AZ. As far as my sets go, I never really prepare playlist. I just load all my new shit that I made or found and go with the vibe and get spontaneous. I’ll play mostly dark tracks. I’ll fluctuate anywhere from 100 – 124.69 BPM.

Can you tell us some of your other hobbies aside from music?

Netflix n Chill

Finally, What’s next for LICK?

I’m excited for 2018. Almost all my tracks are ready for release! My team and I have accomplished a lot this year and we got a few things to share this upcoming year. Hoping to join Zeds Dead on a couple tour dates next year with the deadbeats crew! DVO out!

LICK X Cubed – ID 0:00
LICK – ID 2:33
LICK – “PUSH” 11:24
Nas – “Made You Look” (Drezo Remix) 14:48
Kyle Walker – Dark Room Perfume 17:11 
LICK – “WORK” 21:08
Destructo feat. Freddie Gibbs – “Renegade (VOLAC Remix)” 28:06
LICK – ID 31:56
LICK – “MIRA” 35:22
Noizu – Jungle (Lowdown Remix) 38:55
KEETZ – ID 41:32
REZZ – “Relax” 44:51 
ZABO – ID 47:55

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