Dance music is universal, and proving that very fact is Tokyo-based label and collective TREKKIE TRAX. The forward-thinking label caught our attention when their collaboration with Mad Decent’s Good Enuff sub-label dropped last month, and we quickly realized that it’s a label we need to learn more about.

Formed in 2012, TREKKIE TRAX has a sound that perfectly represents Japan’s energetic and forward-thinking culture. We chatted with the team behind the label to learn more about why they got started, how they teamed up with Good Enuff, and more. Check it all out, along with an exclusive Spotify takeover, below!

Can you tell us about the history of TREKKIE TRAX and how it got started?

In 2012, we started our party called U-20 (Because we were under 20 y/o at that time) at a small club in Akihabara, Tokyo. The club was closed a year after we started that regular show but we wanted to continue music. Then we realized that we have some producers in the group. So, to continue our friendship and music career, we decided to start an online label.

If you had to describe the label in three words, what would you choose?


What are some of your core ideals when looking for new artists or tracks to sign to the label

We love the artists who have strong originality. We need the artists who have distinctive style. Also we care about the artists’ personality too, because we love to work with our friends. We always need a strong reason to release new stuff.

You recently teamed up with Good Enuff, a sub-label of the popular American label Mad Decent. Since you are based in Tokyo, how did such an international collaboration come about?

Basically we create relationships with others through the Internet. However, also we meet those friends outside of Japan face to face too, especially when they visit to Tokyo. Like for example, we met the Mad Decent team in Tokyo before we started to plan that compilation with Good Enuff.

Do you plan to expand more into the American market as the label progresses?

Definitely yes. We are trying to do our artists’ US tour. For example, Masayoshi Iimori has a huge fanbase in America. So we think we need to do his tour in US asap. Also we’d love to bring more artists like Carpainter too. He has different style from Masayoshi but also has a good fanbase in US as well.

What are some of the label’s plans as you move into 2018? 

We’re planning to release more stuff (Singles, EPs, and compilations) with local producers in Tokyo or Japan. Also now we are preparing to throw more shows in Asia since we didn’t really do many shows in 2017 compared to other past years. I’m excited about our plan for the next year.

What kind of imprint/message do you hope to leave with listeners who come across the label?

Our music sounds bit different from western music scene. We’d like you to enjoy that difference.

Last, but not least, what will be hearing on your Spotify playlist?!

The sound of Tokyo / Japan. And more than that, you can hear the sound of TREKKIE TRAX. We put local rappers’ songs and local producers’ tracks that we love too. We hope you enjoy the underground sounds of Tokyo/Japan from various aspects of music.

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