If you’re seeing the name 2¢ for the first time, prepare to educate yourself. 2¢ is a power duo comprised of not only very talented producers Craze and Four Color Zack, but a duo of two of the best turntablists in the game right now. They first teamed up and started releasing tracks just a couple of years ago, and this past weekend they released one of their best tracks yet, “UPBQ,” out via Flosstradamus’s Hi Def Youth label.

What I personally love about 2¢’s production is how it feels like a throwback to the trap glory days of 2013. There seems to be so much trap that is overproduced nowadays. While pushing sound design is great, sometimes you just need a banger that’s straight to the point, and that’s exactly what “UPBQ” is. If you dig this track, be sure to check out their other work as well. Craze and Zack are also playing a selection of rare shows this year, so be on the lookout for a stop near your city.

Connect with 2¢: SoundCloud