Fresh off his genre-bending Beautiful Tragedy album, Conrad Clifton gives us all the good vibes with “Kneel Da Grass / Tight Son,” but over what feels like should be two separate tracks. The first portion of this new release, “Kneel Da Grass,” is open, emotional and explorative. It introduces new musical elements that play off of each other to create one resonating ethereal symphony, while “Tight Son” gives way to a darker and more confident energy, a strong sound that fans love and recognize.

When asked why he chose the title, a clear play on the name of famed Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Clifton says “I guess creatively, I wanted to play with the balance between grooving out, and deep contemplation. Now, when I hear it all together, it just feels like the cosmos, hence the name. Also, Neil deGrasse Tyson is lowkey my hero, lol.”

Brooklyn-based artist Conrad Clifton is the founder of his own label, Infinity Pool Recordings, and has worked with Grammy award-winning artists as well as smaller grass-roots names. In terms of style, the producer enjoys switching off between hip-hop and downtempo electronica, creating tracks that are both club-ready and pure relaxation.

Listen to the two-in-one fusion track to hear for yourself below:

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