Louis The Child continues to stun the EDM scene yet again with the new release of their single “Last to Leave” featuring Caroline Ailin. Rounding out the American stretch of their Last to Leave tour with a final show in Hollywood, the Chicago-based duo has proved yet again that they are an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with in the new year.

Combining a top 100 vibe along with a more vintage feel, “Last to Leave” uses Caroline Ailin’s unique and velvety voice to immediately capture any listener’s attention. This, combined with an immediately ear-catching background bass from the beginning, prepares the listener for a synthetic, vibrant drop that sounds like it belongs as a headliner at any EDM festival. As an act that is known for its uniquely computerized sound, this new single delivers the sound that fans expect and love all-the-while also tapping into a versatility fit for both the radio and remixes from other top acts.

Louis The Child’s skillfulness in connecting with multiple audiences across countless genres makes them an EDM act that’s hard to pinpoint, but their expertise across each one of these groups makes them someone to seek out when discovering new and dynamic electronic.

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