Chicago-based DJ and producer Whethan has taken his already successful 2017 and decided to once again impress us with his final single of the year, “Aftertaste” featuring Opia. Between preparing for a 2018 European tour with Louis The Child and rounding out his own 2017 Good Nights tour, Whethan continues to prove to the electronic industry that although only 18, his music still resonates with and rivals experienced DJs of all trades.

This soulful yet angsty collaboration with group Opia features a slow and instrument-oriented buildup that captivates the listener. As the song picks up the background bass and emotional lyrics prepare you for a bass-ridden, energetic, and vibrant drop that is both indie and electronic all-in-one. With its changing tempo and constantly evolving sound, “Aftertaste,” while a far cry from his previous works, proves that Whethan’s well-roundedness provides something for everyone to appreciate.

“Aftertaste” is an electronic jam with an experimental vibe that should definitely be on your road trip playlists in the new year.

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