Technology in the music industry is continuing to evolve at an exponential rate. Musicians are becoming smarter in realms of marketing and learning their niche markets, which is just as crucial as releasing quality music. With an entire smorgasbord of platforms artists, managers, labels, and other industry professionals have to choose from, it can be difficult narrowing them all down and deciding, especially with a musician’s busy lifestyle. Fanburst, however, is making a big name for itself by omitting the difficulties in a streaming platform. It’s a platform all musicians and labels should have an eye on.

SoundCloud changed the way we stream music online back in 2007. The streaming giant has evolved into one of the most reputable and recognizable brands online, and it has launched the career of many musicians and labels. Fanburst is on its way to do just the same. Many reputable names are already using the platform, including tyDi, EH!DE, ODESZA, Bro Safari, Lemaitre, Snails, and many more.

There are a plethora of competitors to SoundCloud, including Mixcloud, YouTube, Audiomack, Artist Union, and Toneden, among others. All the aforementioned platforms are making their way into a streamlined streaming service that pairs flawlessly with their follow-to-download gates. Each of those platforms have limitations at different levels of usage, such as maximum amount of hours to upload, file size uploads, buffering rate, and file types. Fanburst does away with limitations and places the focus on a streamlined user interface while keeping things plain and simple on both the front end and back end.

As opposed to SoundCloud, Fanburst rids the frustrating minute upload caps. When you sign up for an account, you’re immediately granted access to unlimited uploads. Fanburst makes it incredibly easy to sign up and begin uploading. For a label, especially one on a budget, this is very appealing. ‘Free’ is always in the budget, and artists who are trying to launch their careers will concur.

Fanburst has seemed to master the humanization approach to its platform as well. Like its competitors, Fanburst allows fans to repost their tracks to their profile; however, you’re able to add an image and/or text to the repost. They focus on sharing the music they love and adding an image that fits the track’s mood. This feature allows for a more personable approach, similar to Tumblr.

Much like SoundCloud, Spotify has changed the music industry by bringing the focus on streaming music to an even higher altitude by making music discovery extraordinarily easy through curated playlists based on the user’s listening habits. Fanburst carries over the simplicity in uncovering new music by utilizing trending tags. Simply click on a trending genre tag and start discovering new music.

There are a handful of emerging technologies for musicians, and they often look for something simplistic, current, easy to use, and professional. Unlimited uploads, unique repost options with text and photos, an easy-to-use user interface on the front end and back end, and remarkably efficient music discovery tools make Fanburst a platform that stands out amongst its competition. If you’re a label or musician that’s looking for a simple music sharing and discovery site, then Fanburst is for you.

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