Flume’s career has been full of revolutionary sounds across a broad array of genres. With every new album and track, his unique take on future bass and experimental electronica creates a new standard that so many DJs and producers continue to follow. Yet again, the insurgent icon has gone above and beyond, this time to spread a message with Greenpeace, an NGO whose mission is to promote environmental activism and preserve the planet’s integrity.

On Sunday, Flume released a video in collaboration with Greenpeace that sets his own new, unreleased music to incredible video footage of the Great Barrier Reef. Mixed in with the colorful shots of the wildlife is also footage of pollution and eventually bleached coral, a sign of a reef dying. This incredible wonder of the world is home to thousands of unique species of sea life but thanks to industrial pollution and varying ocean temperatures, its future has become extremely uncertain. The liveliness and vivaciousness seen in this video is greatly at risk if something is not done soon.

Flume contributes lush and vibrant sounds to this announcement in a way that matches the movements and excitement of every day in the Great Barrier Reef. As an Australian native, this issue hits close to home for him and his dedication to promoting a cause as great as this proves that music can be an incredible platform to bring together all types of people for a common goal of making the world a better place.

Watch the video below and visit Greenpeace online here to learn more about how you can prevent climate change and help join this campaign to save the reef.