As festival season draws closer, so does the EDM community’s need to move their feet. Australia-based producer Oski’s new song “Gimme Some” responds to everyone’s demand for new and exciting beats that transport you to the middle of any crowd. In the past, Oski’s music has been known for its stimulating and intoxicating bass and unique mix of trap and this new track gives us all that and more.

Combining a mystical sounding start that eventually transitions into a background beat with a powerful, computerized presence, this track’s sound gives listeners a taste of exactly who Oski is, with both his own creativity and a newly discovered synth, which was recently crafted by Habstrakt. “Gimme Some” answers the prayers of bass-enthusiasts everywhere, with its exhilarating and vibrant drops that will catch the attention of and captivate even the most seasoned festivalgoer.

Give Oski’s newest track a listen and discover a new sound that will electrify and excite while also delivering the style that his fans have come to know and love.

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