Uncle Meg is the newest artist to be taking the world of hip-hop by storm. The West Virginia-born, Brooklyn-based transgender rapper has an impressive set of talents that have received features in Paper Magazine, New York Magazine and more.

Since Uncle Meg’s 15-track album Bug in 2015, he began going by his/him pronouns, beginning an inspiring personal exploration with gender expression. Now, he is celebrating the release of Can’t Stay The Same, a new 10-track album duet album with MC John Dept that explores gender and captures the pain from growth and death.

I chatted with Uncle Meg about his gender transition, a major upcoming New Year’s Eve performance and more. Check it out below!

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us! For someone who may not know you, how would you describe who you are as an artist?

One of my main goals as an artist is to not only try to do something different creatively, but to also to keep going deeper into the process of discovering what it really means to be me. I think if anyone took a listen to my lyrics they would get a pretty good idea of who I am. My whole life I’ve never really fit into any one kind of box and there’s many different sides of me that I like to play with; you can hear them all in my music.

It’s incredible that you’ve been so open about your transformation. Were you always so candid with your fanbase? Why do you think that’s so important?

Before my transition, I was always candid for my fans in interviews, but pursuing my gender transition brought that up a notch. In the current political climate, I had to realize that my existence is my resistance. I have to be loud, I have no choice. When I decided to make the extremely hard decision to transition medically, I already had to step out of my comfort zone and start putting myself first. I want to be loud for all of the Trans kids in the middle of America that don’t know what to do because they’re stuck in transphobic or shitty situations. I know from my own experience how hard and lonely the road can be and I wish that I had a Trans person to look up to as a kid because I didn’t even know that Transgender people existed. 

Do you take inspiration from your personal life when creating music?

My inspiration is 100% from my personal life. Art, and music in general is often an exact replication of the things I go through in a certain time period, or thoughts I have about the world at large. ‘Can’t Stay The Same,’ my latest release, was so special to me because I got to connect with my friend, John Debt, on a whole new level and experience the connection two people can have by just sharing their thoughts and struggles. We were going thru similar things in our personal lives at that time and connected thru the shared experiences of change, growth, birth, death, and the general cycle of life.

You will be playing a huge show at Brooklyn Bowl in the New Year, and will be in the running to receive $10,000 in a ‘Battle of the Bands.’ What’s your strategy?

I’m super super excited for my show at Brooklyn Bowl in January. It’s one of the biggest venues I’ve played as a solo artist and I really want to bring the energy to win this contest. I’m putting together a set that I want to grab the audience’s full attention. I have guest artists, a backup singer, a live hoola-hooper, and dancing children. I want it to be a fun experience for everyone and I’m hoping for the best!

What can we expect from Uncle Meg next year?

This next year I’m going to be putting out two new singles that I’ve been working on with producer/singer, Johnny Burgos. He is a BEAST and I’m so grateful to be collaborating with him. He’s bringing my sound to the next level. In March, I will be traveling to SXSW with my homie, Miss Eaves, and we will both be playing the WolfieVibes Showcase. In June, I will be directing & producing a short erotic film that I wrote last year about an intimate experience between two ballerinas, a Trans-masculine and a Cis-Female. So a lot of exciting things are in the works right now?

What impact do you hope to leave with your art?

I want my sound and style to stand out, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I want people to pay attention to my message whether they hate me or love me. I hope that I can give people who see me the courage to just be themselves whether that’s today and somewhere far in the future. And I hope that I can empower some people!

Check out Uncle Meg’s brand new album, Can’t Stay The Same, below and don’t miss his upcoming performance at Brooklyn Bowl on January 17, 2018.

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