In the spirit of the holiday season, some of our favorite artists have decided to offer up some tunes for free download. From a chilled-out Blessthefall cover by Ray Volpe, to a new “Purple Dragon” VIP by Virtual Riot and more, there’s more than enough music to scare your relatives with at Christmas dinner.

Check them out below!

Ray Volpe – “Bless The Fall” 

Ray Volpe is giving back to fans this holiday season with a cover/flip of Blessthefall’s “To Hell and Back” featuring his own vocals and a beautiful melodic drop. We always love when we see a different side to the dubstep DJ/producer and this time is no different. 

Virtual Riot – “Purple Dragons” (Dragons VIP)

Virtual Riot has finally dropped his long-awaited Dragons VIP of “Purple Dragons” and teases more even more new releases on the way! We didn’t think “Purple Dragons” could get any heavier, but damn, were we wrong.

Buku – “Front to Back” (Dirt Monkey Remix)

“Front to Back” was one of our favorite releases of 2016, so we’re excited to see Dirt Monkey bring it back with some extra wubs for a remix that will most definitely keep you warm this winter. We definitely think this might be our favorite “Front To Back” remix yet!

Alison Wonderland x Jinsang – “Messiah” (Hex Cougar Ghibli Edit)

Hex Cougar dropped his edit of Alison Wonderland’s “Messiah” in his NEST HQ guest mix earlier this year and fans have been asking for it ever since. Now, we finally have the downtempo version of the well-known trap anthem, and it comes at a perfect time.

Wuki – DADADADA (Holiday VIP) [wukileak]

Wuki is the remix king, and his ‘wukileaks’ are also some of the most anticipated releases around. His “DADADADA” track was one of the hottest releases this year, and this Holiday VIP is not one we thought we needed, but we’ll be downloading nonetheless.

Happy holidays and a major thanks to all of the artists gracing us with some free music today and every other day!