The lonely palace project is an experimental, genre-bending, rule-breaking musical project released by the cofounder and CEO of emerging young label Sol Noir Records. Sol Noir is headed by Grayson H. Glur and is home to late-2017’s breakout star, hubstcy. The collective is dead-set on carving out a name for itself in the EDM sphere. Glu’s project has included experimental bangers such as “SLOWDANCE” and a recently released follow-up, “ONCE MORE BEFORE I GO.

Lonely palace, along with the entire Sol Noir Records label, is certainly one to watch in the coming year, as the artists kami kult and hubstcy are also poised to have an incredible 2018 run. The artist’s second single in three days, “FEELS,” is a unique combination of a brash and distinguishably dark fusion electronic sound and a catchy, dance-floor ready blend of house and garage elements.

If the past couple releases are any indication, the collective is sure to live up to the hype–stay tuned! Check out the fresh track for yourself on SoundCloud below.

Connect with lonely palace here.