A New Year’s mix from Flying Lotus‘ record label Brainfeeder gifted us with a fresh new track by the artist. The mix, created by PBDY, features the mystical tune “Quarantine” as its final selection.

“Quarantine” takes listeners on a sedated stroll, combining waves of spaced-out drums with airy hints of strings and woodwinds into an experimental harmony. The song is smooth yet sinister, a reflection of the stripped-down, beat-ridden style we’ve come to expect from the Los Angeles producer. The rest of the mix is as much a tour through the label’s releases in 2017 as it is a preview of what’s to come this year. PBDY gives each track a flawless blend into the next; other featured artists include Lapalux, Thundercat, and Iglooghost.

Flying Lotus spent much of 2017 focusing on the silver screen. He made his directorial debut with Kuso, in addition to scoring several films, including the animated short film Blade Runner Black Out 2022.

Check out the mix below. 

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