Looking for a way to spice up your playlist? Well don’t worry, because Max Styler’s newest release “All Your Love” has exactly what you’ll need to be hyped up for the week ahead. The 20-year-old producer based out of California has stepped away from his typically trap-heavy sound to experiment with a more house feel. “All Your Love” features a smooth instrumental beginning that quickly draws the listeners into the build-up that follows. Its cheerful and bright tones paired with a changing tempo that always keeps you guessing are sure to make you feel ready to dance all night long.

Max Styler stuns us yet again with his incredible handiwork across multiple different sounds and genres. With a vibe that is future and trap all-in-one, this producer is someone to look out for in the new year. Listen to “All Your Love” below and see for yourself why we can’t wait for his work in 2018. The single is out now on Dim Mak.


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