Experimentation within music is almost always welcome. In fact, some of the greatest tracks of all time have come about from experimenting the endless possibilities audio has to offer. Bending, pitching, frequency modulation, filters, and crazy automation amount to the coolest sounds. Rohaan and Noer the Boy‘s “Meadow Rd” is just that.

Throughout the piece you’ll hear just about every sound effect. Sweeps, time stretched synths, deep percussion, and heavy basses saturate this track’s structure and ambiguity. “Meadow Rd” is three and a half minutes of pure experimentation. 

 “‘Meadow Rd’ came together very naturally,” said Noer the Boy. “Rohaan is a super awesome dude, I’m glad we had the chance to meet up IRL and work on some music.”

“This track means quite a bit to me,” explained Rohaan. Noer the Boy was traveling Europe, supporting DJ Shadow. When he made a stop in Manchester, Rohaan invited him over to stay at his place. The two stayed up all night tinkering around with Rohaan’s roommate’s Korg Monologue, recording the audio that came out of it. Thus, “Meadow Rd” was born.

Listen to “Meadow Rd” below, out now for free download on SATURATERECORDS.

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