Marshmello recently revealed a forthcoming collaboration with late hip-hop artist Lil Peep last week and fans of both artists have been eager to hear the track ahead of its release this Friday.

While it’s an unconventional pairing to say the least, it’s beautiful to see Lil Peep live on through the legacy of his music. Marshmello also revealed that he didn’t plan on releasing the song until Lil Peep’s mother reached out to him and asked him to go forward with it.

Today, Marshmello shared the upcoming track’s album art, revealing “Spotlight” to be Lil Peep’s first release since his passing in November. He also uploaded a short clip of the track, with the lyrics “I just want to hear you scream again. Now you’re gone, I can’t believe it.”

Check out a first look of the track below and prepare for it’s release this Friday. #LilPeepForever.

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