The Bloody Beetroots is an Italian electronic dance music artist recognized for his masked facade, unmatched high-energy performances and imaginative productions. He’s somewhat of a legend when it comes to the electronic music scene, whether you’re just getting into it or have been around since the project began generating major buzz circa 2006.

From Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo’s early days releasing on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label to his more present sound and heightened live act, the mysterious artist lives on through his perfectly executed alias by way of powerful productions and a seemingly effortless ability to adapt and progress with every passing year.

In 2015, he began recording and touring as a DJ under the pseudonym SBCR (Satan Bass City Rockers) until he returned to his original moniker in 2017 for the release of his highly praised full-length album The Great Electronic Swindle.

We caught up with the multi-faceted musician while he traveled across North America for the “My Name Is Thunder” tour in honor of his early 2017 Jet collaboration and talked all things bloody. Find out why he’s not your typical masked DJ, how some of the epic collaborations on his album came to be (Perry Farrell?!) and so much more. Listen to his latest album here.

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