After a stellar year full of constantly commanding the EDM scene through headlining, collaborating with big name stars and providing us with hits, beloved DJ and producer Marshmello has proven yet again that his influence knows no boundaries with a release of his new clothing line. Partnering with Zumiez, the line ‘Marshin’ offers fans six options to wear, including long and short sleeve shirts as well as a hoodie.


Each of the pieces plays off the DJs famous helmeted persona and playful designs enthusiasts love seeing in each of his sets and visuals. Although he did end up on GQ’s Worst Dressed Men of 2017, we think his new line might remedy that very soon. With the rumor of even more styles and pieces on the way, we can’t wait to see what this new year brings for Marshmello, both on the stage and off.

The line can be found here, exclusively at Zumiez.