Cryptocurrencies are changing the way we live our personal finance lives — and now it’s shifting the face of music as well. Japanese entertainment company Cinderella Academy recently launched an all-girl band called “Virtual Currency Girls,” or “Kasotsuka Shojo” in Japanese, an electro-pop group of eight singers donning maid dresses and crypto-themed face masks that are each representative of a different type of cryptocurrency.

The group performed for the first time in Tokyo last week to a sold-out room. For future shows, fans must purchase tickets with virtual currencies as the girls are going all-out and are even being paid exclusively in bitcoin. They even set up a meet-and-greet where fans could see the girls and take a picture in person for the ever-fluctuating price of 0.0001 bitcoin.

Dedicated to teaching the world about cryptocurrencies in an entertaining fashion, 18-year-old Naruse Lara portrays bitcoin cash, 15-year-old Hinata Kodomi stands in for ripple, and Ami Ami plays the role of Ethereum. The remainder of the band is a mixture of additional cryptocurrencies including Mona, Neo, and Cardona. Their debut pop song dubbed “The Moon, Cryptocurrencies and Me” seeks to caution listeners about crypto fraud and urges them to guard their passwords.

According to the girl band’s anonymous producer, their next show is set to take place mid-February. If you’d like to and hear advice regarding cryptocurrency investment in a catchy pop song, perhaps Virtual Currency Girls is the group you’ve been searching for.