If you don’t already have SoundCloud’s premium subscription, SoundCloud Pro, then everything you thought you knew about the streaming giant is about to be turned upside down.

With a subscription, artists, music aficionados, podcasters, and virtually any audio creators can enjoy all the benefits of being a part of SoundCloud’s highly active community where over 12 million creators are heard each month. The SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited features give artists a leg up against the competition, offering deeper insights, expanded features and more. 

Check out five reasons we think every artist needs a SoundCloud Pro subscription and enter to win one below!

1. Receive deeper stats with more data

As a creator, statistics are everything. In addition to performance stats, you can find out where people are finding your music, where they are from and many more details exclusive to the SoundCloud Pro subscription that will allow you to create an even stronger connection with your fans and followers.



2. Gain more upload time

In a world where consistency is key, you’re going to want a platform that doesn’t limit your upload time. The SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited subscriptions offer you the tools to build your career even further by giving you double or limitless upload time that will help you store and release even more tracks and albums.

3. Get Expanded features 

Don’t want to have your tracks lost in your reposts? Then you’ll definitely want the ability to pin tracks and playlists with Spotlight. You can also utilize quiet mode and much more, as well as share your accomplishments with really awesome stylized stats cards.



4. Customize your track options

With the SoundCloud Pro subscription, you can customize your track’s options by turning comments on or off, and turning public stats on or off. These options are non-permanent and can be switched at any time. This option is especially useful when sending demos out or if you just simply want the music to speak for itself.

5. Replace your tracks completely without losing stats

Last, but certainly not least, is the option to update source files for your tracks. Let’s say you forgot to remove a sample, or your snare hits at the wrong time, or you simply just created a better version. This option gives you the ability to completely replace a file and keep all of your plays and comments the same, no matter how long the track has been public.

There’s no doubt that SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscriptions will help you take your artist career to the next level. Convinced? Grab a subscription here or enter below for the chance to win one for free! 

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