Bassline maestro DESTRUCTO is kicking off his “Let’s Be Friends” tour tonight in Brooklyn, New York at Output and has dropped a brand new single just in time.

Along with newcomer Gerry Gonza, who’ll be joining various dates of the “Let’s Be Friends” tour, the G-house influencer delivers massive vibes with the brand new track. Out now, “Shots To The Dome” offers old-school house influences, a four-to-the-floor beat, and hip-hop-influenced vocals. This one a major dance floor weapon and we’ll be sure to hear it on the “Let’s Be Friends” Tour.

“Shots To The Dome” comes as the first release for DESTRUCTO in 2018, but he’ll be releasing a new track once a month throughout the rest of the year and he’s only just getting started. Check out the brand new single below and catch DESTRUCTO kick off his “Let’s Be Friends” tour in Brooklyn tonight.

Download “Shots To The Dome” here.