As the first solo drop since Separation, “Neon Grave” by HXV of the Titan Squad is meant to continue the group’s endeavors to pave the way for the post EDM landscape. The producer behind HXV, formerly knows as Heroes x Villains, released the track alongside fellow Titian Squad artists on a collaborative album the compilation album 002 (which you can listen to here).

For those who may not yet know, the Titian Squad is a collective of like-minded young producers and visual artists who have assembled to push the boundaries of dark electronic music and art. The group includes music producers such as Cat, Essex, WRCTNGL, Deadwinter, Prince ZI, as well as visual artists like Rob Goth, SVQQA, and TSUL.

Neon Grave has a dark, deep sound consistent with its post-EDM classification. The repetitive beat drums along with a cool melody to build up to two gripping instrumental climaxes, and ultimately, a slow fade out to close the piece. Fans are already gearing up for what else might be to come for the group and for the Titans as a whole in the coming year. Check out the fresh track for yourself below.

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