KRANE is someone who’s been on our radar for a while. When we first came across him around four years ago he was emerging out of the masses of SoundCloud, with a sound that he still retains today. His most recent project, Fallout, which happens to be his debut album, is his best work yet. His collection of airy, dystopian tracks reach climaxes that will have your head spinning. KRANE was able to sit down with us today and discuss the success of his album and his first headlining tour in support of it.

You just started the ‘Fallout Tour’ with many different talented individuals supporting you. What have been some the highlights of the tour so far?

It’s been five shows so far in the Pacific Northwest alongside MYRNE. Every show has been incredible so far — this is my first headline show and the energy in the crowd and response to the music is palpable. It’s really amazing to feel like I can really take the crowd with me through a set that feels more KRANE than anything I’ve done before.

Based on your schedule, it looks like there are 5-6 nights in a row where you’re playing shows. I’m sure you’re having the time of your life, but how exhausting can that be?

It is super exhausting by the end of it! But I’ve done this a few times and there are a few things that make it much easier. First is traveling with buddies. MYRNE and I have become fast friends and I’m super fortunate for his company. I’m an extrovert so having people around actually energizes me when I’m tired. Also lots of naps, lots of water, and not over-extending myself with daytime activities.

Is it hard to take yourself out of the moment and just appreciate how far you’ve come? I still remember your first remixes as KRNE back in 2013.

It is hard actually! It takes some real concentration to meditate on how things were, because it’s all been built so gradually it just feels normal now. But rationally, I know how lucky I am, and how hard I’ve worked. I suppose I’ve earned a little reveling right now 🙂

How did the rollout of Fallout compare to your expectations? It’s got to be one of the best electronic LPs of the year. It must be awesome to see big publications like Huffington Post and Billboard rave about it.

It surpassed my hopes. Suddenly releasing so many songs is nerve racking. There’s so much opportunity for critique I was worried people wouldn’t find as much good as bad in it. But of course thats just my insecurities talking. I’m so grateful people have given it a shot, and taken the project as a whole.

With your name moving closer and closer to the limelight, and a number of impressive collaborations under your belt, who are some artists that you currently want to work with now?

Hard to name names, and would be worried I’d leave some people out. But Im excited to really work with anyone, big or small, thats pushing boundaries. It’s really the music that gets me excited.

I wanted to take a second to ask you about SESSIONS, your collaborative project on SoundCloud. It’s been nearly a year since the last release. Can you give us any hints as to when the next one will be released and who might be on it?

The next one’s coming out soon! Putting on the final touches. This one includes more tracks and feels more complete than the previous ones. Almost like an LP. I’m really really excited about this one. Every SESSIONS collab gets better because I get better at learning how to hop into other people’s work and help make it my own as well. So, this is the culmination of four previous rounds of SESSIONS. And the range of sounds and genres in this one is really wide too — no two songs are alike. I’m gonna withhold the final names until the release — ya know, a little suspense 🙂

Do you have any larger scoping plans for that project? It feels like you can do something really cool with that platform.

Yes. I’ll leave it at that. But yes very much.

Finally, what is the best late-night food you’ve eaten while on tour?

Poutine with fried chicken and Sriracha in Vancouver.