Vancouver-based WHIPPED CREAM, aka Caroline Cecil, is back at it again with her newest release “Drag Me,” which showcases an experimental beat interplaying with rhythmic structures and resounding instrumentation to take listeners on the artist’s latest journey through sound. The producer’s style is known to transcend multiple genres to evoke a sense of “limitlessness” that is certainly reflected in this track.

After a few different pursuits, it sure looks as though WHIPPED CREAM has found her niche in producing and playing a unique form of hip-hop influenced dark bass. She has since received support from a plethora of well-known DJs and has most notably garnered recognition from Skrillex’s blog, NEST HQ. NEST recently released WHIPPED CREAM’s EP to showcase her latest work and even listed her as one to watch on their mid-year report.

You might recognize the producer from stages and festivals like Shambhala, Hard Summer LA, Lights All Night in Dallas or The Road to Waterzonic. If you haven’t heard WHIPPED CREAM yet, be sure to take a listen to the latest track on SoundCloud or connect with the artist through her social media links provided below. She’s definitely one to watch this year, check it out:

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