Looks like we know who’ll be singing on a Silk City record: Dua Lipa.

Though the news that Diplo & Mark Ronson are working on a disco album came back in August of 2017, 2018 might prove to be a more fast-paced year. In the beginning of January, it was unveiled that the project would be called Silk City. Just the other day, even more good news came.

This past weekend, a selfie was posted on Diplo’s snapchat with Mark Ronson & Dua Lipa. Though impossible to tell for sure at the time, a strong argument could be made that the room housing the trio was indeed a music studio. Was this just a photo-op, or is it more than that?

Diplo Snapchat Mark Ronson Dua Lipa

Well, the next morning, confirmation came. Lipa posted a caption-less photo to her Instagram of the three in a recording studio. 

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In addition, her story brought us an update reading “Fun session today with Mark and Wes.”

Dua Lipa Story Diplo Mark Ronson

There we have it. Something is in the works between Diplo, Mark Ronson, and Dua Lipa. Though there’s no word as to if and/or when a collaboration may be released, we can only hope for the best.