Nick Miller, best known as Illenium, seems to be appearing in headlines left and right these past few weeks, with his announcement of tour dates, remixes and, now, a new music video.

The Denver-born producer and DJ has just released a new music video for his track “Crawl Outta Love”, a fan favorite off his album Awake. With over 15 million streams across multiple platforms, “Crawl Outta Love” is a somber ballad that really highlights the pain of leaving someone in a relationship. Combining an inventive drop that emphasizes Illenium’s expertise with the future bass genre, this new music video adds to that vision, and more, through gorgeous imagery and a story that so many different people can relate to.

The video begins by introducing us to two different people, a dark cloaked guy and a fresh-faced girl walking along a coastline. The rest of the story takes us on a journey filled with multiple symbolic representations. Although we aren’t told much about their relationship, their interactions seem to lead us to the conclusion that their relationship is complicated and most likely toxic. Throughout the rest of the video, we see incredible effects and visuals with fog and the wilderness, which reflect the overall somber tones of the song.

This music video excites all of us here for Illenium’s 2018. With tour dates already announced for Okeechobee, BUKU, and Coachella, it’s very clear that this DJ is already preparing for an even bigger year than 2017 was. Check out the music video below and see a whole new angle of “Crawl Outta Love.”

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