Alice Glass is back with her newest single “Cease and Desist.” The song features a true Crystal Castles sound that will be nostalgic for die-hards. The song, however, also brings Alice’s touches as well. The 1:54 track starts in true Crystal Castle form with a stamp of percussion and razor-sharp synth lines. Alice does not sing in this song but rather commands her listeners with a strong message:

“You’re never the victim. Promise me, you have to fight.”

“Cease and Desist” seems to be a crystal clear stance on sexual harassment and assault. She assures them to not blame themselves on the actions of others. This song does more than promote Alice’s solo career. It provides a meaningful message to the umpteen amounts of sexual and emotional abuse victims. “Cease and Desist” bring a reminiscence sound with austere vocals that makes Alice who she is and will continue to be.

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