Greek-American DJ and producer Xenia Ghali has racked up a solid reputation for herself over the last few years. She’s garnered the attention of many DJs and producers alike around the globe as well as snagging a few Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart No. 1s. Her latest release, “Stick Around,” has been released on EDX‘s Sirup Music label.

On top of releasing her own music, Ghali runs her own label, Funky Sheep Records. Her passion is fusing unlikely genres of music into something new and unique to bring about something truly unprecedented. Furthermore, her vision is to inspire young girls to pursue their vision with the music industry and be a recognized face and voice within the industry to represent girls with grace, passion, and dedication.

Her previous releases, “Under These Lights” and “Places,” stacked up No. 1s on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Charts. It seems as though Ghali is here to stick around with this latest release. Bell arpeggios, soft pads, and her angelic vocals carry the listener away into another world. Diversifying the contrast between the beginning, middle sections and the drop, Ghali jumps in head first, relieving us of any built up tension.

“Stick Around” is a true masterpiece and it shows us Xenia Ghali’s true talents as a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and knowledge of music.

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