After over a year of subtle teases on Instagram and Twitter, Oshi and Baauer have elated fans with the release of their long-awaited collaboration, “Frozen.” With simple snares and a pulsing bassline layered over spacey synths, the track enthralls its listeners from the start, blending Oshi’s proclivity for sensual melodies with Baauer’s prolific trap beats.

The track’s release has been in the making for 18 months, with Oshi first previewing the beat on Twitter in June 2016. Ever since, we’ve been craving the official debut, and the two have definitely made the wait worthwhile.

If the duo’s new collab is a preview of anything to come, fans should be more than happy through 2018. With both Baauer and Oshi working tirelessly on new projects, one can only hope that their talents meet again soon for another near-perfect collaboration.

Listen to Oshi and Baauer’s mesmerizing collaboration below.

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