In just a few short years, Skrillex has proven himself to be one of pop’s most sought-after producers. His ability to connect and cultivate hits with chart-topping musicians has secured his household name in mainstream success.

Now, along with Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Poo Bear (known for his frequent and successful Justin Bieber collaborations), Skrillex has joined forces with none other than Latin-pop princess Jennifer Lopez for what is sure to be another hit.

The trio’s newest collaboration, “Us,” reads like your standard catchy, dance-driven love song on the surface. But Skrillex has taken his electronic productions to a new level, fashioning a sweltering Latin-inspired beat fit for a queen. J. Lo’s signature vocals remind us of the powerhouse artistry that we’re used to, while Skrillex and Poo Bear’s unique touches on “Us” prove she is an evolving force who remains relevant in today‚Äôs electronic music phenomenon.

Listen to the magnetic, dance-inducing single “Us” below.