Québec’s Black Tiger Sex Machine delivered electro number “Zombie” (feat. Panther), the second release off their sophomore studio album New Worlds available Friday, March 2. Rapper Panther’s potent articulation stands atop an infectious chorus fused together with a heaping spoonful of nasty bass. BTSM buffs can pre-order the Kannibalen Records LP on iTunes.

Catch these incognito felines with label-mates Apashe, Kai Wachi, Sullivan King and Lektrique during their North American “Ceremony” tour. Black Tiger Sex Machine’s new idiomatic stage design allows members Patrick Barry, Marc-André Chagnon and Julien Maranda to execute lighting effects, ensuring every show stays unique.

We’ve always seen music (both making it and listening to it) as a journey; New Worlds encapsulates that idea,” wrote Barry, Maranda and Chagnon. “It’s an album about discovery and exploring new horizons. Evolution is exciting, but it can also be dangerous and unsettling. Right now, the world is changing technologically and politically, and the future can seem at times either bright or cloudy. We wanted to harness those conflicting feelings of hope and uncertainty into musical form. We can’t wait for you guys to join us on our adventure through New Worlds, and as always, we want to thank you guys for supporting us; none of this would be possible without the BTSM Church!”

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