No stranger to change in the new year, Spotify has also decided to now add both producer and songwriter credits for each song in their streaming library. Although this feature is currently only available through web player on a computer, the company says that it will hopefully soon be offered on the mobile app as well. By right-clicking on any track and selecting the ‘show credits’ option, information on performers, songwriters, and producers will appear. All of the data found in the credits tab will be provided by record labels and the sources will be displayed in addition to the credits. While this is a big step in the right direction for Spotify, they understand this feature still has a long way to go.

“We realize some of the label-provided credits are incomplete or may contain inaccuracies, but this is just the first step in displaying songwriter credits on Spotify,” The organization explained in a blog post a few days ago. “The feature will continually evolve to become more efficient, provide better functionality, and incorporate more information from industry partners over time.”

Songwriter Ali Tamposi, who has written work for Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson, Camilla Cabello, and others, said, “We’re all artists in our own right, and every artist appreciates being recognized for their hard work. I’m excited and grateful to see this new feature on Spotify.”

This new feature will allow songwriters to finally receive the credit they deserve, promote a greater transparency behind all the work that goes into a track, and provide many of them with new opportunities in the music industry.