GRiZ has just released a new video titled “It’s Time We Talked.” The video is simple, yet very effective. It consists of GRiZ sitting in a chair passionately delivering a spoken word poem over soft keys by Borham Lee and a clean animation by Gabyo. The content of the poem, which was written by GRiZ himself, focuses on societal issues, such as greed, while repeating the phrase “it’s about time we talked.”

Prior to sharing “It’s Time We Talked,” GRiZ had made some changes to his social media, including sharing a few cryptic messages. The most notable change was the fact that GRiZ deleted all of his previous posts on Instagram. GRiZ also changed his profile photo on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to a photo of a blank piece of paper.

These changes, and the release of “It’s Time We Talked,” indicate that GRiZ is making some drastic changes to his life and musical career. While nothing is officially confirmed, it appears that GRiZ is seeking a fresh start.

In the past few months, GRiZ has increasingly received criticism by his fans, specifically those that have been following him for years and consider themselves GRiZ Family. Although not all of his fans have been criticizing him, it’s been enough that GRiZ has noticed. However, taking a look at the comments left on his recent social media posts, it’s clear that GRiZ still has a large number of fans who love him and his music, and hope that he is happy and healthy, or on the road to getting there.

In the last sentence of “It’s Time We Talked,” GRiZ hints that there is more coming. With this sentence, GRiZ suggests that he’s not done, just taking some time to refresh and renew himself and his music. Whether the future holds more spoken word poetry or the release of the album GRiZ has been working on, his fans are eager for more news. Let us know what you think is in his future in the comments below.

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