Hansaa and soso have paired up for an incredibly immersive single and video, “Nights.” The track features vocals from the talented Emma Sameth.

“Nights” is a downtempo track that superbly highlights Hansaa’s pioneering take on instrumental hip-hop. The subtle hum heard throughout “Nights” drives the track forward while his and soso’s signature sound penetrates through and complements Sameth’s angelic vocals.

Hansaa is a name that’s relatively new to the electronic music scene, but his talents go far beyond novice. His versatile and exquisite sound exemplify the avenues that the burgeoning producer is capable of navigating.

The other distinctive sound heard throughout “Nights” is that of soso, a Los Angeles-based electronic duo comprised of Ryan Aicklen and Danny Thrasher. Soso combines their proficiency in jazz guitar and various instruments with modern electronic styles, elements, and genres. Thus far, soso has worked on collaborations with bands and artists like 30 Seconds To Mars, Anna Lunoe, A.CHAL, Oliver Tank, and Bobby Saint.

Emma Sameth, the extraordinarily talented vocalist featured in “Nights,” has already released on bitbird and Lowly Palace. Her angelic, palpable vocals make any electronic producer and listener swoon as she sweeps them up and away into a nostalgic, dreamy world.

A member of soso was Hansaa’s music teacher, so it’s exciting to see them collaborating to showcase what Hansaa learned.

Check out this impressive collaboration and video below.

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