On February 7th, Euphoria Music Festival announced that it is now Finding Euphoria. Euphoria Music Festival first started as a one-day festival in Kyle, Texas in 2012. Over the years it grew to a three-day festival with camping and moved to Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, Texas. Euphoria Music Festival was a hometown favorite, drawing an increasingly large and local crowd to Carson Creek Ranch each year.

With the announcement of Finding Euphoria, the Euphoria team has remade Euphoria Music Festival into Finding Euphoria.

Instead of being a three-day festival held in April, Finding Euphoria will take place in May and will be one day long. However, Finding Euphoria will take place all year long with concerts and community events focusing on sustainability, wellness, and the outdoors.

Finding Euphoria is the result of the Euphoria team’s desire to embrace the ever-changing festival landscape and create something new. Instead of hosting an event once a year where people attend for one weekend then go home, Finding Euphoria creates a year-long series of events creating a sustainable and lasting community of Euphoria attendees. In a statement released by the Euphoria team, they stated that Finding Euphoria aims to “bring the most inspiring elements of the festival to more intimate environments”. Therefore, the previous spirit and vibe of Euphoria Music Festival will not be lost with these changes.

Finding Euphoria will take place on May 12, 2018. More information and tickets can be found here.

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