As KUURO continue to pulverize the bass music scene and redefine the definition of dubstep, drumstep, drum and bass, and like genres, the brag-worthy electronic duo have now unleashed yet another bass cannon titled “Omen” on Monstercat. Furthermore, they’ve announced their debut tour.

“Omen” is far more than a cinematic crowd pleaser. It’s a cinematic masterpiece and gives Hans Zimmer a run for his money (except KUURO’s music is slightly heavier). With ethereal synths and Middle Eastern-sounding instruments and melodies that are sprinkled throughout, “Omen” blends culture with bass music. This heavy bass cannon from the burgeoning bass duo doesn’t come as a surprise, however, as they’ve released genre-bending, mind-boggling tracks like “Possession,” “Swarm,” and “Rapture” (ft. MC Mota) before.

“We started ‘Omen’ with the goal of making one of the gnarliest and gritty bass lines we’ve ever done. We love how it just cuts through the song so aggressively.” -Luke Shipstad

KUURO bursted into the electronic music scene in 2017 with one of the most prolific and ground-breaking Monstercat debuts in the label’s history, according to Monstercat fans. The duo, which consists of Luke Shipstad and Jordin Post, racked up a jaw-dropping 7.3 million streams on Spotify alone in 2017. Furthermore, they snagged the attention of Zedd and DJ Snake.

On top of releasing yet another earth-shattering single, KUURO have announced their debut tour. The tour will make stops in cities like Salt Lake City, Utah, Chicago, Illinois, Houston and Dallas, Texas, Seattle, Washington, Denver, Colorado, and many more. They’ll also make they’re Southern California debut at Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino and make an equally catastrophic appearance at Phoenix Lights. You can purchase tickets and order pre-sale tickets here.

“We’ve always wanted to give our own take on drum & bass, so it’s dope that ‘Omen’ lent itself really well to that kind of vibe. We’re so excited to bring our sound to the stage and can’t wait until you experience Kuuro music on big speakers.” -Jordin Post

KUURO is one of the most iconic, epic, and heavy sounding acts to break out in the last year. They’re surely going to continue growing immensely, and you’re definitely going to want to keep an eye and ear out for them as they come blasting through your city and speakers!

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